Angela Okune Annotations

DEUTERO: Who and how are those in this context thinking and worrying about the kinds of qualitative data infrastructure, work and capacity called for currently and in the future?

Monday, January 4, 2021 - 5:32pm

The conclusion to this article raises important points that I think may help to steer the Research Data KE working group forward in terms of the kinds of capacities we would like to cultivate (both in ourselves and in others) and activities we therefore decide to do. The article calls for greater expansion of the kinds of expertises expected in what they call "critical data design" (see figure 6 on page 10) that go beyond what is often taught as ‘data analytics’. They note that although the interpretive dimension of knowledge production is often talked about as ‘subjective’ or a matter of inspiration or even creativity, interpretation is a skill that can be cultivated, validated, and evaluated, drawing on a rich history and body of work in the humanities. This interpretive (or hermeneutic) capacity is the ability to "understand what things mean to differently situated actors, why, and with what effect on what will follow." (pg 11)

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