The Research Data Share platform is an attempt to explore, through practice, the challenges and opportunities of sharing qualitative data, which has its own unique challenges that need to be explored in depth. As a research object in and of itself, this platform and any data shared through the platform will be used to facilitate discussion over the worries and possibilities imagined and experienced by those interested in sharing qualitative research data. Read more.

Research Data KE Working Group

Research Data KE Working Group has begun a project seeking out and archiving relevant datasets on/for COVID19.

Researching in/from Nairobi

Ongoing publication of interview data which sheds light on diverse experiences conducting research in/from Nairobi.

Being Researched in Kibera

Interview data and other resources which offer perspectives on diverse experiences being the subject of research in Kibera, (Nairobi, Kenya).

Perspectives on Open Access in Africa

Data from a discussion with Open Access scholar practitioners on the African continent to better understand the promises and challenges of Open Access.