AO. "the more info, the easier to identify the person, but the less info, the less value for the researcher..."

AO: The interlocutor raised the double bind of anonymization of qualitative data:

"BC-MW-F-S-02 6:01
So internally I would want all of this information. So when even I can see anonymized male, anonymized ministry...I would probably want to know that information so that I know that if we've gone to this person more than once with different research projects, or if I want to do something on a particular ministry, I know how to identify that. So that would be for internal use. But for external use then I think...this is tricky because the location that you have that could be of interest to someone so taking away is a loss of... so I don't know whether you could... hmmm... this is a very tricky one because the more information you give the easier it is identify that person, but then the less information you give them...

Angela Okune 6:44
the less value it is for the researcher.

BC-MW-F-S-02 6:46
Exactly. Yeah."


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