How is consent described? Moralized? Are any "best practices" denoted?


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January 28, 2020

AO: Some may view my uploading of these informed consent forms as simply another push towards an increased "audit culture" within the university (Strathern 1997) and greater politics of accountability (Shore 2008). I grappled with the implications of uploading these document but came to the conclusion that in the case of this project, these artifacts that seemed to be nothing more than university bureaucratic paperwork were in fact important data points for the project.

How did expressed desires from the interviews align or diverge from the practical decisions to share or not as made explicit in the consent form?

How legible was the formal consent form to diverse research participants or did it in fact further obfuscate important considerations when determining the risks or benefits of sharing?

In this way, I found that archiving this material was not simply to "save" or "preserve" it for an audit but rather to provide the grounds for further questions and deeper inquiry of the research object.