MICRO: What practices produce (or undercut) qualitative data in this setting?


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November 27, 2019

TM: Institutional bureaucracy in matters surrounding qualitative data in consideration of whom this data is meant for. Considering the KEBS rep, where the discussion only centred around qualitative data for the big institutions which they train on data handling. Questions on breach were not addressed in that what do they do to large institutions who share my phone number for promotional SMS? 

November 27, 2019

PC: Something that came up here in the “risks and benefits” discussion is how digitizing qualitative data opens up the risk of de-contextualized/flattened interpretation of data. Someone gave the example of historians who may no longer even need to come to Nairobi to conduct research “in the archives.”

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November 12, 2019

AO: practices related to: projectization; consultancies; external western funding of research.