What are some notable quotes from the discussion?


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April 16, 2020

AO: Eve emphasizes the "importance of publishing for development" (29:31) and “the power of a version of publishing which is about development issues, rather than about promotions and journals and so on," (29:39).

She notes that early on in the Open Access movement, "the president of Brazil made a wonderful speech about this being the opportunity to let the sound of the berimbau [Brazilian musical instrument] echo across the seas to Africa and back again, and to create a community of openness that would empower the world and change the vision of what was going on," (13:13). She notes however that for various reasons, over time, the movement "didn't have at its center anymore the idea of empowerment, and the empowerment particularly of developing country discourses and developing country communication strategies," (15:40).

Here she underlies what Kate Meagher points out: the multiple open access paradigms and competing notions of "Open Access." Eve calls for ensuring that the values of Open Access publishing remain radical and tied to development issues rather than being taken up solely within traditional, commercial academic journal publishing. This would therefore include moving beyond the academic journal as the sole vehicle for scholarly publishing and recognizing the validity and importance of other genres of publications including reports by think tanks and organizations outside of the academy (here is one example she sent me after the discussion). Along these lines, if policies like Plan S are to embody such values, she suggests they should then broaden their support and acknowledgement of publication channels outside of the confines of an academic journal.