Thierry, Raphaël. 2016. “Amalion Publishing: An Interview with Sulaiman Adebowale.” Wasafiri 31 (4): 23–25.

AO: This interview, conducted by Raphaël Thierry with Sulaiman Adebowale of Amalion Publishing points to the importance of broadening what constitutes knowledge or scholarly publishing. In order to achieve this, Adebowale describes the need for publishing expanded genre forms like "...Read more

Van Schalkwyk, F. (2017, September). Interview with Francois van Schalkwyk [African Books Collective].

AO: This is an interview transcript with Francois van Schalkwyk published by the African Books Collective (original post here). The interview was conducted by Stephanie Kitchen in September 2017. Francois van...Read more

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