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PLAAS. 2020. “Food in the Time of the Coronavirus: Why We Should Be Very, Very Afraid.” Plaas (blog). April 1, 2020.
AO: During this discussion on Open Access, Eve Gray mentioned: 
"What is published hugely...there are now a lot of...Read more

Angela Okune, S. Adebowale, E. Gray, A. Mumo, and R. Oniang'o. "Discussion on Open Access (in Africa)," [Transcript], 2020, Research Data Share.

Discussion on Open Access in Africa

March 31, 2020

4:00 PM - 6:00 PM Nairobi

Participants (listed alphabetically):

Van Schalkwyk, F. (2017, September). Interview with Francois van Schalkwyk [African Books Collective].

AO: This is an interview transcript with Francois van Schalkwyk published by the African Books Collective (original post here). The interview was conducted by Stephanie Kitchen in September 2017. Francois van...Read more

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