Syokau Mutonga


McMillan Memorial Library
Banda Street


Research and Inventory Manager


Syokau is an anthropologist who is passionate about people in all places across time. Her core responsibilities include ensuring the success and seamless operations of all research-related aspects. These include leading the overall data aspects of Book Bunk’s work and its day-to-day management such as data-gathering and presentation, volunteer management/relations, administration and communications. She is also responsible for library inventories, which include creating a digital map of library collections in Nairobi and Kenya, overseeing the creation of a digital catalogue at all McMillan Memorial Library branches, weeding its current collection and curating an up to date collection that is in tandem with the needs of library users. She has previously conducted research on colonial legacies of public institutions like national museums, archives and libraries. She is particularly interested in exploring how intersectional approaches within cultural heritage reveal the hidden networks, systems and infrastructures that support or undermine collective life and sustainable social change. Syokau holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Anthropology from the University of Nairobi.