AOk. Skunkworks and other dev community groups circa 2008.

This article from 2008 mentions one of the early tech community groups, Skunkworks. The Skunkworks community was a precursor to many who ended up getting involved in setting up the iHub including Josiah Mugambi who is quoted here.

*** Excerpt from article below ***

"The distinctive digital experience in Nairobi inspires confidence in its youthful community of programmers, bloggers and Web enthusiasts. Over the past year, about 600 people in Nairobi--most under 25--have coalesced into a group called Skunk Works, sharing ideas and encouraging new businesses. In June, it held an all-day workshop that included sessions on using the Android phone operating system from Google, developing applications for digital maps and creating content for mobile phones.

“Possibilities are opening up for us,” says Josiah Mugambi, one of the group’s organizers.

The prospect of marrying low-end mobile phones with the Internet is earning Nairobi notice from outsiders, who wonder whether the city might emerge as a test-bed for tomorrow’s technologies."


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