Muiruri reporting on BBI overturned by Kenya High Court

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June 24, 2021 - 2:38pm

Critical Commentary

This important news that the Kenyan High Court overturned the President's Bid to amend the constitution illustrates the continuing importance of the Court in serving as a counter point to the Executive's power. This reminds me of the 2017 ruling by Kenya's Supreme Court when they annulled the result of the presidential election, citing irregularities, and ordered a new one. That was a historic moment in the country because it was one of the first times if not *the* first time on the continent that an opposition court challenge against a presidential poll result was successful. These two highly publicized moments in Kenyan history remind me of the importance and value of the law as a means of redress and protecting democratic rule, especially against autocratic leaders.


Muiruri, Peter. 2021. ‘Kenya’s High Court Overturns President’s Bid to Amend Constitution’. The Guardian, 27 May 2021, sec. Global development.



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