Gathara, Patrick. 2020. “Why Colonial-Era Edicts Will Not Defeat the Coronavirus in Kenya.” The Elephant, March 23, 2020.

AO: This artifact was shared with the Research Data KE Working Group (via whatsapp) on Monday March 23, 2020. It is an article in The Elephant authored by Patrick Gathara.Read more

Richie, Hannah. 2021. ‘Western Countries Prevented African Nations From Having Their Own Vaccine’. Vice News, 13 May 2021.

AO: Wangari shared this on our group whatsapp and I had also been shared it earlier; it appears to be circulating widely on Kenyan social media networks. I find it important to include as it highlights many of the broader structural and historical issues that have affected vaccine production and...Read more

A swirl of contextual events in/on/related to Kenyan (tech) research

  • 1884-85: Berlin Conference where European imperialist powers met to “regulate the ‘scramble’ for Africa
  • 1888: Imperial British East Africa Company given a royal charter to administer the area allocated to Britain
  • 1890: The British
  • ...Read more
Feleke, Bethlehem. 2020. “Kenya Governor under Fire after Putting Hennessy Bottles in Coronavirus Care Packages.” CNN, April 17, 2020.

AO: This article was sent to me by San Francisco-based friends about the controversial Nairobi governor who was putting alcohol in hospital care packages.Read more

Comparative analysis on Kenyan action on COVID19

Here is a comparative analysis highlighting various countries' stimulus support to address the economic effects of COVID19 with specific reference to Kenyan government actions shared by Ann Ichungwa on LinkedIn.Read more

Excerpt on colonial research systems in Kenya in FAO (2002) Report: "Impact of Foreign Assistance on Institutional Development of National Agricultural Research Systems in Sub-Saharan Africa."

Excerpt from:

Beye, Gora. 2002. Impact of Foreign Assistance on Institutional Development of National Agricultural Research Systems in Sub-Saharan Africa . FAO Research and Technology Paper 10. Rome: Special Program for African Agricultural Research, Food and Agriculture Organization...Read more
Kenya ICT Authority. 2014. “The Kenya National ICT Masterplan.”

AO: This five year ICT Masterplan was released by the Ministry of Information in 2014.Read more

Bradbury-Jones, Caroline, and Sanne Weber. 2019. “Experiences with Participatory Research and Perspectives on Ethical Research Partnerships on Gender Based Violence in Kenya.” Institute for Global Innovation, University of Birmingham.

AO: This report was shared with me by Aurelia Munene of Eider Africa as it touches on questions of what ethical research is and includes many direct quotes about experiences with research. It seems particularly fitting for this essay on "Being Researched in Kibera"...Read more

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