AO. Tranparency

AO: Page 18 states that opening up government data is important to "create transparent public procurement process, public oversight of expenditure and ensure value-for-money towards citizen...Read more

AS. To Make You Feel Like You Have Done Something

At the onset of the FGD, the women agree that research consists of three aspects: 1) to teach them a skill, such as digital literacy; 2) to further their knowledge about a topic (i.e. the flu and...Read more

Ndemo, B., & Weiss, T. (Eds.). (2017). Digital Kenya: An entrepreneurial revolution in the making. Palgrave Macmillan.

AO: This book includes important material (esp. the mini "interviews" in between the research articles) to better understand the persepectives of key leaders in the Nairobi tech entrepreneurship space.Read more

AO. Questioning the value of research for Kenyan society

AO: Lots of debate on this issue - sentiments that “Kenyan society doesn’t value research” which was pushed back against: “Academics don’t write things that society wants to read!”...Read more

Perry, A. (2011, June 30). Silicon Savanna: Mobile Phones Transform Africa. Time.

AO: This article was written about the iHub in its "early days" and was one of the first big mainstream articles about it. I remember my manager at the iHub was very excited about it and on my trip to the US before I officially started my job, I picked up a couple of nice frames from IKEA so...Read more

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