Nest Collective. 2021. "Invisible Inventories: Questioning Kenyan Collections in Western Museums"





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June 5, 2021 - 6:06pm

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This is a poster for an initiative by The Nest Collective (and others) under the umbrella "International Inventories Programme" (context here) working on : "The explicit intention and question of International Inventories Programme is, how to make objects which currently reside in a institutions within the global North, including German museums present again in contemporary Kenya?" The Nest Collective displayed the exhibit at the National Museums of Kenya in March 2021.
"Many of the injustices of the colonial period cannot be undone, but the tangible area of dispossessed physical objects can be researched and addressed. In the current debates over object repatriations, particularly intense since the release of the Sarr/Savoy report to the French president Macron (November 23, 2018), IIP aspires to contribute to this public, much-needed discussion through engaging artworks which are informed by detailed academic research."


The Nest Collective

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The Nest Collective, "Nest Collective. 2021. "Invisible Inventories: Questioning Kenyan Collections in Western Museums"", contributed by Angela Okune, Research Data Share, Platform for Experimental Collaborative Ethnography, last modified 5 June 2021, accessed 7 December 2021.