Okune Dissertation Index


The following essays correspond to each of my dissertation chapters. Each essay was used as a "workspace"and gathered the various materials and annotations informing the chapter's argument into one frame. The Macro and Deutero chapters were co-analyzed and co-authored; the collaborative infrastructure offered by RDS was therefore even more important to support the collaborative endeavor. This index also links to the data contained within the essay for ease of access.

Meta: Staging Data

Macro: Nairobi Cosmopolitanism

Meso: Data Actors

Techno: The Backbone

Info: Making Data

Micro: Evidence Driven

Bio: Over-research and invisibility

Nano: Commonsense "local" knowledge

Edxo: Quality qual

Deutero: Finding devices


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September 16, 2020 - 3:26pm

Critical Commentary

This aggregates all links to relevant chapters and data for my dissertation.

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