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PECE Possibilities: Tactics

This write-up by Grant Otsuki (2018) discusses how some of how PECE's functionalities mirror what other research softwares do, like reference managers and note taking softwares. These functionalities are important when...Read more

Sharing Data on RDS: Tactics

Sharing Data on RDS: Tactics

Below are probing questions sets organized by stakeholder group to figure out where / why you may want to use this RDS platform. Reach out to aokune[at]uci[dot]edu once you have a better sense of what and why you might want to use RDS for...Read more

Worry that data access does not lead to citizen activation/engagement

Kim asked the group: "What do you worry about related to open data in Kenya... Tell me a little bit about what would be a disappointing result, 10 years from now with open data...Read more

AO. "Famous with nothing"

AO: This excerpt from the discussion describes the surprise that two of the Kibera residents felt when they found their names mentioned in research reports. One person mentions that his name is in...Read more

Okune Dissertation Index

The following essays correspond to each of my dissertation chapters. Each essay was used as a " workspace "and gathered the various materials and annotations informing the chapter's argument into one frame. The...Read more

Informed Consent_BCMMDS13

AO: This is a digitized copy of the signature page of the informed consent that was reviewed by Participant BCMMDS13 prior to interview # 191204_001 and signed after the interview.Read more


Transcript from one-on-one interview

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

10:16 AM – 11:44 AM

Location: Research office of interlocutor (Nairobi, Kenya)

Participant: Non-Kenyan woman with kinship ties to the...Read more

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