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Informed Consent_Leonida Mutuku

AO: This is a digitized copy of the signature page of the informed consent that was reviewed by the participant prior to interview # 191206_002 and signed after the interview. The participant opted to be named and I did not foresee any risk to the participant or others by being named and...Read more

AO. Being named in research increases report credibility as well as individual's authority on the subject

AO: This quote highlights how being named in a research report (especially in multiple reports on the same topic/field) can help signal a respondent's expertise on a particular topic and may...Read more

"Official" vs informal research (methods)

I was thinking about how generative this writing call ended up being and it has got me thinking on method. Formal data collection in Nairobi is often very rote in the vein of Bateson's proto-...Read more

Learning from Nairobi

Something Kim said - about Nairobi being an important site to learn from given that many in the US may be forced to go into the more informal economy, etc. - reminded me of a twist of that point...Read more
Okune, Angela. (2019, May 21). Self-Review of Citational Practice. Zenodo.

This was originally published in Zenodo to supplement a blog post I authored for LSE in May 2019. However, I was...Read more

Bateson's deutero-learning and double bind

This call was organized around Bateson's concepts of deutero-learning and double bind which heavily influenced the discussion points raised in the call.Read more

PECE Possibilities: Tactics

This write-up by Grant Otsuki (2018) discusses how some of how PECE's functionalities mirror what other research softwares do, like reference managers and note taking softwares. These functionalities are important when...Read more

Informed Consent_NYMWAM06

AO: This is a digitized copy of the signature page of the informed consent that was reviewed by Participant NYMWAM06 prior to interview # 190611_002 and signed after the interview.Read more

Informed Consent_191029_001 FGD

AO: This is a digitized copy of the signature pages of the informed consent reviewed by participants in the group discussion # 191029_001. Two of the participants wished to be anonymous while the four others expressed and confirmed desires to be named both verbally and on the consent form...Read more

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