Angela Okune

Org Data Interview Guide_May 2019

AO: This guide was developed loosely borrowing from:

Carlson, Jake. 2010. “The Data Curation Profiles Toolkit Interview Worksheet.” Purdue University Libraries / Distributed Data Curation Center.
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AO. Tranparency

AO: Page 18 states that opening up government data is important to "create transparent public procurement process, public oversight of expenditure and ensure value-for-money towards citizen...Read more

2019-03-07 Fieldnotes from NGEC Monthly Meeting

I was invited to attend the monthly public meeting of the Gender Based Violence Commission because they were discussing gender data and how to coordinate NGO-collected data. Over lunch at that meeting, I met a lady who lives in Mukuru (one of the informal settlements) and works with a Community...Read more
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