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AO. Questioning the value of research for Kenyan society

AO: Lots of debate on this issue - sentiments that “Kenyan society doesn’t value research” which was pushed back against: “Academics don’t write things that society wants to read!”...Read more

Worry that data access does not lead to citizen activation/engagement

Kim asked the group: "What do you worry about related to open data in Kenya... Tell me a little bit about what would be a disappointing result, 10 years from now with open data...Read more

A swirl of contextual events in/on/related to Kenyan (tech) research

  • 1884-85: Berlin Conference where European imperialist powers met to “regulate the ‘scramble’ for Africa
  • 1888: Imperial British East Africa Company given a royal charter to administer the area allocated to Britain
  • 1890: The British
  • ...Read more
Okune. 2015. Notes on being researched while working at iHub.

I stumbled across this document, which I had created in 2015, on my computer today [Oct 2020] and decided it was a nice artifact to upload to RDS as "fieldnotes" of a few out of many more experiences as a research subject. These were just two of many innumerable times I participated in somebody'...Read more

AOk. mixed race marriages still notable.

This encounter illustrates how, despite the diverse racial make-up of Nairobi residents, mixed race marriages (Black-White) are still met with surprise. I am constantly surprised that it is...Read more

AOk. Implementing structure vs organic "free for all" forms of collaboration

In the transcribed excerpt below, Wambui questions the thinking behind the loose structure of making decisions in the group. Is this an attempt towards a democratic research...Read more

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