Process: Deutero Learning and Data Capacity Writing Project



- Read deutero readings (by end of Sept 2020)

- Create survey to circulate to broader Working Group members (Oct 2020)

- Host discussion during November (?) monthly call (Nov 2020)

- Find additional relevant artifacts and add into the mix (Nov 2020)

- Add additional events to RDS timeline here (Nov 2020)

- Annotate data (start by using this question set ("Reading a collaborative formation") to annotate collaboration calls; done by Dec 2020)

- Host discussion amongst co-authors about insights gained through the process of annotation and outline main points to write (Jan 2021)

- Co-write (in google doc) (Feb 2021)

- Submit initial abstract to ESTS for special thematic collection on Infrastructures (Feb 2021)

- First full draft of dissertation chapter (March 2021)

- Circulate draft to broader working group members for feedback (April 2021)

- Revised chapter draft done and submitted to Okune advisors for feedback. Full draft of ESTS article submitted to editors (May 2021)

- Chapter revisions based on academic advisor feedback (June 2021)

- Chapter published openly for public peer review (July 2021)

- ESTS article reviews in and final edits made (Aug 2021)

- ESTS article published (Sept 2021)


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September 15, 2020 - 5:22pm

Critical Commentary

AO: This living artifact outlines a workflow with timeline and key links for the Research Data KE group writing project on deutero learning and data capacity in Nairobi.


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