2020_SEPT_24 WRITING MEETING_Transcript

Angela Okune 0:24 This is the core group, we may have one or two more people slip on. ... So this call, for context, is our second call after we decided that we're gonna write together and that we decided we're going to focus on the dissertation chapter. And that will hopefully turn into the...Read more

"Open data for good governance": ossified funding regime but continued unmet need for mobilized citizenry

I mentioned, that despite a continued need articulated by Wambui, Hawi and Wangari earlier in the conversation for greater citizen engagement around data, it's ironic because ...Read more

Learning from Nairobi

Something Kim said - about Nairobi being an important site to learn from given that many in the US may be forced to go into the more informal economy, etc. - reminded me of a twist of that point...Read more

AOk. Implementing structure vs organic "free for all" forms of collaboration

In the transcribed excerpt below, Wambui questions the thinking behind the loose structure of making decisions in the group. Is this an attempt towards a democratic research...Read more

AOk. Research, lightly structured

In this transcribed excerpt below, Wambui contrasts the "loose" organizational style of the Working Group with the more rigid and pre-determined system that she is used to ("research should be...Read more

Process: Deutero Learning and Data Capacity Writing Project


- Read deutero readings (by end of Sept 2020)

- Create survey to circulate to broader Working Group members (Oct 2020)

- Host discussion during November (?) monthly...Read more

Fortun, Kim, Lindsay Poirier, Alli Morgan, Brandon Costelloe-Kuehn, and Mike Fortun. 2016. “Pushback: Critical Data Designers and Pollution Politics.” Big Data & Society 3 (2).

AO: This article by Fortun et al. describes dynamics of what the authors call "critical data design" -- the ability to link data and problems coupling an awareness of problems that aren’t yet articulated as problems of widespread public concern with awareness of the data sets that could help...Read more

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