Kenya Data Protection Act, 2019

AO: This is the official copy of the Kenya Data Protection Act, 2019 which was adopted by the Parliament of Kenya on November 8, 2019. The document was sourced from the CIPIT repository. Emerging analyses/guidance/opinion pieces...Read more

Transcript: Panel 1 at Archiving Kenya's Past and Futures

Transcript of Panel 1 Discussion at "Archiving Kenya’s Past and Futures: Stewardship and Care of Research Data"

November 12, 2019

Venue: McMillan Library

Moderator: Leonida Mutuku


Leah Komen

Joyce Wangari

John Osogo...Read more

Gathara Opinion Piece on BBI

This opinion news piece by Patrick Gathaara published in Al Jazeera reminds Kenyan readers about the parallel between the problems that the current Building Bridges Initiative (known widely as BBI) is supposedly addressing with the earlier Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission...Read more

2019 Kenya National ICT Policy

AO: This is the latest publicly published Kenya National ICT policy which was a revision of the 2016 policy (which followed the first policy published in...Read more

Menya, W. (2019, April 13). Ex-Ipsos data expert Wolf defends research firms. Nation.

AO: This article in the Nation includes an edited interview with Tom Wolf, a long-time figure in the Nairobi market research world, who left the company in 2019. He explains why he feels public survey research is still important and needs to be conducted.Read more

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