PLAAS. 2020. “Food in the Time of the Coronavirus: Why We Should Be Very, Very Afraid.” Plaas (blog). April 1, 2020.
AO: During this discussion on Open Access, Eve Gray mentioned: 
"What is published hugely...there are now a lot of...Read more
Google COVID-19 Community Mobility Report for Kenya on May 9, 2020

AO: After learning about the Google COVID-19 Community Mobility Data, I searched for what was available on Kenya and was only able to download this PDF which primarily states "there is not enough...Read more

Corporate research responses

AO: In addition to this infographic by IDEO (who is the target audience for this infographic?), I have also observed several corporate research companies figuring out how to spin their ongoing and...Read more

Ujamaa Center. 2020. “#ProPoorCoronaResponse,” March 22, 2020.

AO: This twitter thread was shared on March 22, 2020 by Hawi Rapudo through the Research Data KE Working Group whatsapp group. It outlines what "#ProPoorCoronaResponse" to #coronainkenya would be.Read more

Kimari, Wangui. 2020. “The People vs 4G Internet and Other Corona Stories from Kenya.” Africa Is a Country (blog). March 30, 2020.

AO: This artifact was shared with the Research Data KE Working Group (via whatsapp) on Saturday April 4, 2020. It is an article in Africa is a Country authored by Wangui Kimari.Read more

Mawazo Institute. 2020. “Survey Findings on the Impact of COVID-19 on Africa’s Higher Education System.” Nairobi, Kenya: Mawazo Institute.

AO: This report foregrounds results from an online survey with 501 respondents conducted by Nairobi-based Mawazo Institute in April 2020.Read more

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