Worldometer as Data Source for "Africa"

AO: There is very little transparency on this site about the sources for this data. The only section where I was able to find links to a source (other than the Google data) was the second data...Read more

Dahir, A. L. (2020, May 8). Kenyans Held for Weeks in Quarantine Were Told to Pay to Get Out. The New York Times.

AO: This New York Times article describes the Kenyan government’s aggressive campaign to prevent the spread of the coronavirus which is increasingly critiqued as violating the human rights of those held in mandatory quarantine (and being required to pay fees to be released).Read more

Comparative analysis on Kenyan action on COVID19

Here is a comparative analysis highlighting various countries' stimulus support to address the economic effects of COVID19 with specific reference to Kenyan government actions shared by Ann Ichungwa on LinkedIn.Read more

Ujamaa Center. 2020. “#ProPoorCoronaResponse,” March 22, 2020.

AO: This twitter thread was shared on March 22, 2020 by Hawi Rapudo through the Research Data KE Working Group whatsapp group. It outlines what "#ProPoorCoronaResponse" to #coronainkenya would be.Read more

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