Moore, D. 2020. “No work, no food”: For Kibera dwellers, quarantine not an option. Al Jazeera. Retrieved May 8, 2020.

TM: The global COVID 19 pandemic has sliced the lives of people like a hot knife to butter. During times like these it is the most vulnerable in the society that often times bear the brunt. This has been the reality for the residents of Kibera who despite knowing the threat that COVID 19...Read more

Google COVID-19 Community Mobility Report for Kenya on May 9, 2020

AO: After learning about the Google COVID-19 Community Mobility Data, I searched for what was available on Kenya and was only able to download this PDF which primarily states "there is not enough...Read more

Minor, Maria. ‘Covid-19’s Impact On Women’s Mental Health’.

SM: This article sets out to explain the mental strain that the COVID-19 pandemic is exerting on women across the world. Read more

Chaos of Luo Musician Burial

Kenyan ethnic view traditional rituals against christian values as very important especially highly rated musicians who praised luo political leadership during elections 2013, amidst COVID-19...Read more

Mbugua, N. (2020). Poll: Corona effects on food, jobs biggest issues. Business Daily.

TM: According to the latest Infotrak Survey Kenyans biggest worrying issue at the time is food. This is as a result of the negative cyclic wave the pandemic has caused to Kenyans with shutting down of jobs means lay offs, reduced pay and others complete lack of it therein. Others even go as far...Read more

Nzuki, M. (2020). Covid-19 makes a strong case for urban farming—Business Daily.

TM: With the lockdown measures instituted by the Government of Kenya to contain COVID 19 spread country wide saw the reduced movement of people and goods in and out of the city. This alonsgide the ensuing lockdown measures on people being more at home may have been the vital key component that...Read more

Mboya Elvis. (2020). How to cushion country from food poverty. Business Daily.

TM: This article explores what the COVID 19 pandemic means for the rural communities in Kenya. It incorporates aspects surrounding food poverty in all it's shapes and forms stemming from systemic failure in matters food production as a source of livelihood and food security and what it means...Read more

Dahir, A. L. (2020, May 8). Kenyans Held for Weeks in Quarantine Were Told to Pay to Get Out. The New York Times.

AO: This New York Times article describes the Kenyan government’s aggressive campaign to prevent the spread of the coronavirus which is increasingly critiqued as violating the human rights of those held in mandatory quarantine (and being required to pay fees to be released).Read more

AO: Gender discussion (or not) within various COVID-19 discourses. What is foregrounded and backgrounded?

Aurelia Munene: I found the article on the Elephant Publication. It provokes the reader to rethink the idea of the home where social reproduction takes place in Kenya in light of the lockdon and stay at home orders. The Home is contextual and the pandemic is revealing the inequalities  of...Read more

Mureithi, F. (2020). Top milk processor increases producer prices. Daily Nation.

TM: During times of darkness like the COVID 19 pandemic time presents opportunities for stars to shine quite bright. None know this more than coroprates who companies like Brookside Dairy have rosen to the occassion and have shown social solidarity to the stakeholders. This by not only...Read more

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