Mboya Elvis. (2020). How to cushion country from food poverty. Business Daily.

TM: This article explores what the COVID 19 pandemic means for the rural communities in Kenya. It incorporates aspects surrounding food poverty in all it's shapes and forms stemming from systemic failure in matters food production as a source of livelihood and food security and what it means...Read more

PLAAS. 2020. “Food in the Time of the Coronavirus: Why We Should Be Very, Very Afraid.” Plaas (blog). April 1, 2020.
AO: During this discussion on Open Access, Eve Gray mentioned: 
"What is published hugely...there are now a lot of...Read more
Mbugua, N. (2020). Poll: Corona effects on food, jobs biggest issues. Business Daily.

TM: According to the latest Infotrak Survey Kenyans biggest worrying issue at the time is food. This is as a result of the negative cyclic wave the pandemic has caused to Kenyans with shutting down of jobs means lay offs, reduced pay and others complete lack of it therein. Others even go as far...Read more

Nzuki, M. (2020). Covid-19 makes a strong case for urban farming—Business Daily.

TM: With the lockdown measures instituted by the Government of Kenya to contain COVID 19 spread country wide saw the reduced movement of people and goods in and out of the city. This alonsgide the ensuing lockdown measures on people being more at home may have been the vital key component that...Read more

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