Republic of Kenya. 2020. Kenya Gazette Supplement: The Startup Bill. 163.

AO: The Senate on 14 September 2020 proposed the Start-up Bill, ostensibly to help support start-ups. However, the current draft appears to only add to the myriad of complications currently faced by start-ups operating in Kenya.Read more

Amrute, S. (2020). Bored Techies Being Casually Racist: Race as Algorithm. Science, Technology, & Human Values, 45(5), 903–933.

AO: This paper seems relevant to read in preparation for our macro chapter as it focuses on the racialization of Indian software engineers in the US and Germany. Does Amrute's concept of "race-as-algorithm" hold in the Nairobi context and help to explain the digitcal economy in Nai? What is...Read more

Government of the Republic of Kenya. (2008). Nairobi Metro 2030 Strategy .:. Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform.

AO: This report was shared with me by Hawi as we have been discussing the analytic value of thinking at the level of the city rather than at the nation state. As I was attempting to look for the original source of this report, I came across the...Read more

2016 Kenya National ICT Policy

AO: This is the second publicly published national ICT policy which was a review of the 2006 policy. This document has been revised by the 2019 iteration.Read more

Kenya ICT Authority. 2014. “The Kenya National ICT Masterplan.”

AO: This five year ICT Masterplan was released by the Ministry of Information in 2014.Read more

Strachan Matranga, H., Bhattacharyya, B., & Baird, R. (2017). Breaking the Pattern: Getting Digital Financial Services Entrepreneurs to Scale in India and East Africa. Village Capital.

AO: This 2017 report has been particularly influential in the Kenyan technology space and continues to be cited in conversations regarding race, tech capital and privilege. The key finding that created a big buzz and is primarily what is referred to when people mention "The Village Capital...Read more

Government of the Republic of Kenya. (2018). Marking 10 Years of Progress (2008—2018). Government of the Republic of Kenya.

AO: This is the Government of Kenya's 10 year progress report on what has been achieved with regards to its Vision 2030 which former President Kibaki launched in 2008.Read more

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