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Angela Okune, S. Adebowale, E. Gray, A. Mumo, and R. Oniang'o. "Discussion on Open Access (in Africa)," [Transcript], 2020, Research Data Share.

Discussion on Open Access in Africa

March 31, 2020

4:00 PM - 6:00 PM Nairobi

Participants (listed alphabetically):

Chan, Leslie. 2017. “Confessions of an Open Access Advocate | Confesiones de Un Defensor Del Acceso Abierto.” OCSDNET (blog). September 19, 2017.

AO: This blog post of an interview conducted with Leslie Chan who he worries that the Open Access movement may have in fact had the opposite of its original intended effect – instead of democratizing and enabling knowledge to be used by wider publics for local development, in his eyes, the...Read more

Discussion Participant Bios

AO: This document contains brief bios about the discussion participants which I collated and shared with the group prior to the discussion.Read more

Thierry, Raphaël. 2016. “Amalion Publishing: An Interview with Sulaiman Adebowale.” Wasafiri 31 (4): 23–25.

AO: This interview, conducted by Raphaël Thierry with Sulaiman Adebowale of Amalion Publishing points to the importance of broadening what constitutes knowledge or scholarly publishing. In order to achieve this, Adebowale describes the need for publishing expanded genre forms like "...Read more

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