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Thierry, Raphaël. 2016. “Amalion Publishing: An Interview with Sulaiman Adebowale.” Wasafiri 31 (4): 23–25.

AO: This interview, conducted by Raphaël Thierry with Sulaiman Adebowale of Amalion Publishing points to the importance of broadening what constitutes knowledge or scholarly publishing. In order to achieve this, Adebowale describes the need for publishing expanded genre forms like "...Read more

Discussion Guide: OA in Africa

AO: I developed this instrument in preparation for a discussion about Open Access on the continent. Thank you to K. Meagher, L. Chan, and K. Fortun for their suggestions and comments on earlier versions of this instrument. I did not end up following the questions closely as we ran out of time (...Read more

Angela Okune, "2019 CODESRIA/ASAA pre-conference publishing workshop" [Fieldnotes], 2020, Research Data Share.

2019 CODESRIA/ASAA pre-conference publishing workshop fieldnote excerpts Workshop Convened by Divine Fuh (CODESRIA) and Stephanie Kitchen (International African Institute) October 22, 2019 USIU (Nairobi, Kenya) 10 AM - 4:30 PM Plan S - "from 2021, if you receive funding from this group of funders,...Read more

Angela Okune, S. Adebowale, E. Gray, A. Mumo, and R. Oniang'o. "Discussion on Open Access (in Africa)," [Transcript], 2020, Research Data Share.

Discussion on Open Access in Africa March 31, 2020 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM Nairobi Participants (listed alphabetically): Sulaiman Adebowale Eve Gray Angela Mumo Ruth Oniang'o Facilitator: Angela Okune Angela Okune 0:01 So maybe if we could go around and briefly mention how everyone kind of first began...Read more
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