Parijat Chakrabarti

PC. Data ownership and copyright.

PC: Copyright as an issue came up. One major tension was around data ownership-- data localization was a key point that I picked up on. For example, if sensitive Kenyan data is stored on...Read more

PC. Data colonialism

PC: One dominant frame/concern is that of Western/foreign intrusion-- “data colonialism.” Though I didn’t hear that term per se, the core idea was being tossed around… Do Kenyan’s own the...Read more

PC. Preferential identities can marginalize others

PC: One take: “in digital spaces, you can be very invisible… an anonymous African researcher.” In this sense, greater connection flattens key aspects of one’s identity while boosting other...Read more

PC. Digital open data runs risk of decontextualized interpretation of data

PC: Something that came up here in the “risks and benefits” discussion is how digitizing qualitative data opens up the risk of de-contextualized/flattened interpretation of data. Someone...Read more

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