Trevas Matathia

TM. Data Protection Act

TM: Two things come to mind based on this from the discussion: 1. The various laws Phares mentioned that directly affect the way data is handled in this country; the Data Protection Act was...Read more

TM. Institutional size and bureaucracy

TM: Institutional bureaucracy in matters surrounding qualitative data in consideration of whom this data is meant for. Considering the KEBS rep, where the discussion only centred...Read more

TM. invisibility and ownership

TM: In Panel 2 this stood out visibly in that researchers could feel that they tend to feel invisible, unrecognized as they deal with data, give their best only to be left in the cold...Read more

TM. patriarchal

TM: In Panel 2, there was a mention of how data even within the McMillan library is patriarchal, so bearing this in mind, in matters qualitative data, one cannot fail to consider the...Read more

TM: Importance of the Internet

TM: The power of the internet played a big part of the discussion in the various ways through which data is transferred and the potential to transfer it exists. Be it from the Zoom and...Read more

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