MESO: What groups, networks and publics are implicated in qualitative data infrastructure, work, governance and capacity in this setting? What data and visualizations of these groups and networks are available?

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November 27, 2019

TM: I think based on the discussion they are few and far between in that we could see that there is a lack of data sharing between individuals, government institutions and even activist groups. Either through activists being told they have to write in a particular way for their work to be ‘acceptable’ in academia or be it data retention by institutions and individuals in their laptops that can benefit a larger audience for fear of legislative sanctions.

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November 12, 2019

AO: consultant researchers; students; curious people; data centers; market research companies; academic departments and administrators; NACOSTI; KEBS; KNLS; KNBS; CUE; KNA; KNM; other libraries and archives; research clubs; funders; open source software community; open data/open science community

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