Nano: Common Sense "Local" Knowledge

Brandusescu, A, and N Nwakanma. 2018. “Is Open Data Working for Women in Africa?” World Wide Web Foundation.

AO: This 2018 report highlights the "gender gap" in Open Data and is perhaps illustrative of the growing push to recognize the margins created within "Open Data". While doing fieldwork in 2019, I noticed greater investment in the notion of gender equity in/for open data (see for example...Read more

AOk. Boss position reserved for those who originate where the money comes from.

This brief jotting of an encounter with a Kenyan employee at Org 2 reveals cynicism about why Kenyans don't end up having the highest "boss" jobs in the country... because they are indebted...Read more

AOk. mixed race marriages still notable.

This encounter illustrates how, despite the diverse racial make-up of Nairobi residents, mixed race marriages (Black-White) are still met with surprise. I am constantly surprised that it is...Read more

AOk. Glass ceiling.

B mentions that another (Black) diaspora Kenyan was also interviewing at the same research org that she currently works at. The other person dropped out because she said she could see the...Read more

AOk. Mzungu face.

C mentioned that the Black Kenyan male founders she was helping realized after doing some market research that the market believed that it was a white/mzungu (Swahili for foreigner) founder...Read more

AO. Thick documentation of context and non-verbal cues

AO: This interlocutor perceived "good quality" qualitative data to be signaled through "thick" documentation which would include background context on the interpersonal relationship between the...Read more

AO. Time as a limiting factor for sharing (and using?) data

AO: The interlocutor indicates lack of time or being busy as a key determining factor for whether or not data would be uploaded and shared by others in the organization. She notes that currently,...Read more