Org Data Interview Guide_May 2019

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May 27, 2019 - 3:21pm

Critical Commentary

AO: This guide was developed loosely borrowing from:

Carlson, Jake. 2010. “The Data Curation Profiles Toolkit Interview Worksheet.” Purdue University Libraries / Distributed Data Curation Center.

I used this guide to run semi-structured interviews with individuals within the research organizations I have been engaging with since Jan 2019. I first walked through the Informed Consent document with the individual.

We did not sign (rather waiting until the completion of the interview once the individual knew what had been discussed during the interview). After reviewing informed consent, we reviewed an organization-specific digitized and uploaded qualitative data artifact (that they had previously provided to me in a word doc form) looked like when put up on RDS platform. This was the basis for the interview. At the completion of the interview, we returned to the informed consent document and walked through what sharing options they would prefer. Respondent retained one copy and I retained one copy which I promptly added a participant ID to; scanned and uploaded to the RDS platform.


Angela Okune

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