Stuedahl, Dagny, Mari Runardotter, and Christina Mörtberg. 2016. “Attachments to Participatory Digital Infrastructures in the Cultural Heritage Sector.” Science & Technology Studies, December.

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July 19, 2019 - 8:18pm

Critical Commentary

AO: This 2016 paper is relevant in that it looks at the intersection between Open Data and the digital humanities/cultural heritage worlds. The authors describe two cases which make visible the inherent conflicts that arise when existing conceptions of openness and democratic cultural heritage institutions are contested by technological developments that introduce more radical forms of participation.


"This paper explores knowledge infrastructures developed with the aim of opening cultural heritage institutions for public access and involvement. We concentrate on the new modes of knowledge production of professionals and amateur experts involved in the design and use of open archives and wiki communities as a part of transformations towards participatory digital public infrastructures. Ideas of crowdsourcing, policies of open data and engagements in community-based cultural heritage influence participants’ visions of future ways of generating, sharing and maintaining their knowledge. The paper identifies how the concept of attachments may help us analytically to understand the dynamics of multiple situated knowledges that are played out when people embrace digital technologies and open-data policies to connect past, present and future orientation of cultural heritage engagements."