open data

Stuedahl, Dagny, Mari Runardotter, and Christina Mörtberg. 2016. “Attachments to Participatory Digital Infrastructures in the Cultural Heritage Sector.” Science & Technology Studies, December.

AO: This 2016 paper is relevant in that it looks at the intersection between Open Data and the digital humanities/cultural heritage worlds. The authors describe two cases which make visible the inherent conflicts that arise when existing conceptions of openness and democratic cultural heritage...Read more

Brandusescu, A, and N Nwakanma. 2018. “Is Open Data Working for Women in Africa?” World Wide Web Foundation.

AO: This 2018 report highlights the "gender gap" in Open Data and is perhaps illustrative of the growing push to recognize the margins created within "Open Data". While doing fieldwork in 2019, I noticed greater investment in the notion of gender equity in/for open data (see for example...Read more

Organizational Open Data Policy Discussion Guide

AO: I facilitated an internal org group discussion around the kinds of terms that staff felt an organizational data sharing policy should include. This is the guide that was used for the discussion.Read more

AO. Mismatch in stated desires + paperwork

AO. Despite stating their desire to be anonymous, participant #KPKMU09 wrote out their whole name in a legible format on the consent form. (I had given verbal directions to those who wished to be...Read more

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