Menya, W. (2019, April 13). Ex-Ipsos data expert Wolf defends research firms. Nation.

AO: This article in the Nation includes an edited interview with Tom Wolf, a long-time figure in the Nairobi market research world, who left the company in 2019. He explains why he feels public survey research is still important and needs to be conducted.Read more

Strachan Matranga, H., Bhattacharyya, B., & Baird, R. (2017). Breaking the Pattern: Getting Digital Financial Services Entrepreneurs to Scale in India and East Africa. Village Capital.

AO: This 2017 report has been particularly influential in the Kenyan technology space and continues to be cited in conversations regarding race, tech capital and privilege. The key finding that created a big buzz and is primarily what is referred to when people mention "The Village Capital...Read more

AOk. African problems are "information" problems

AO: This quote (see copy-pasted below) states that IBM (Research) believed that "many of the hardest problems in our world today, particularly in Africa, are problems of information." The speaker...Read more

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