Menya, W. (2019, April 13). Ex-Ipsos data expert Wolf defends research firms. Nation.

AO: This article in the Nation includes an edited interview with Tom Wolf, a long-time figure in the Nairobi market research world, who left the company in 2019. He explains why he feels public survey research is still important and needs to be conducted.Read more

Mawazo Institute. 2020. “Survey Findings on the Impact of COVID-19 on Africa’s Higher Education System.” Nairobi, Kenya: Mawazo Institute.

AO: This report foregrounds results from an online survey with 501 respondents conducted by Nairobi-based Mawazo Institute in April 2020.Read more

Research Data Share Survey Results - Nov 2020

The Research Data KE Working Group invited practitioners and scholars from all walks of life to participate in a 15-minute survey to better understand the issues of concern for Nairobi scholars regarding research data. The survey was made public for about a month from October through early...Read more

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