Research Data Share Survey Results - Nov 2020

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June 29, 2021 - 6:15pm


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June 29, 2021 - 6:16pm

Critical Commentary

The Research Data KE Working Group invited practitioners and scholars from all walks of life to participate in a 15-minute survey to better understand the issues of concern for Nairobi scholars regarding research data. The survey was made public for about a month from October through early November 2020. We received 20 responses which have all been included in full below. We sought survey respondents who had participated in research projects conducted in Nairobi within the past five years - either as a lead, part of the research team, a research funder, or research participant on different occasions. The survey was able to be completed anonymously, but if individuals were willing to be contacted to discuss responses further, they could have also shared their email at the end of the survey. Responses from the survey have informed our analysis and advocacy related to data sharing in Kenya. We share the results through the RDS site as open data so that others are also able to review the responses received and reuse if appliable. The content you find below has been made publicly available for research, teaching, and private study. This material is not intended to be used for profit or without proper attribution.


Research Data Share Design Team. 2020. “Research Data Share Survey Results - Nov 2020.” Version 1. Text. Distributed by Research Data Share (Platform for Experimental Collaborative Ethnography).

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