Being Researched in Kibera

AO: This essay begins a discussion about the expectations, values and experiences of being researched, based on insights shared by some Kibera residents. You are invited to contribute your own analysis of the data through the annotate feature, building off of two expanding and iterative question sets here and/or here (use whichever feels more relevant for you).


Transcript: 191121_001 Being Researched in Kibera

Transcript from Focus Group Discussion

November 21, 2019

10:35 AM – 11:50 AM

Location: Social Hall in Kibera

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Transcript: 191029_001 Being Researched in Kibera

Transcript from Focus Group Discussion

October 29, 2019

2:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Location: Social Hall in Kibera

Participants: 3 men and 2 women who reside in Kibera and have regularly participated (as both subjects and also enumerators) in various research projects; 1...Read more

Bradbury-Jones, Caroline, and Sanne Weber. 2019. “Experiences with Participatory Research and Perspectives on Ethical Research Partnerships on Gender Based Violence in Kenya.” Institute for Global Innovation, University of Birmingham.

AO: This report was shared with me by Aurelia Munene of Eider Africa as it touches on questions of what ethical research is and includes many direct quotes about experiences with research. It seems particularly fitting for this essay on "Being Researched in Kibera"...Read more

Sampling of Annotations

This is a sample of annotations that I generated in response to  these these orienting questions, which guide my overall dissertation project analysis.

AO. "Famous with nothing"

AO: This excerpt from the discussion describes the surprise that two of the Kibera residents felt when they found their names mentioned in research reports. One person mentions that his name is in...Read more

AS. To Make You Feel Like You Have Done Something

At the onset of the FGD, the women agree that research consists of three aspects: 1) to teach them a skill, such as digital literacy; 2) to further their knowledge about a topic (i.e. the flu and...Read more