Bateson's deutero-learning and double bind

This call was organized around Bateson's concepts of deutero-learning and double bind which heavily influenced the discussion points raised in the call.Read more

2020_SEPT_24 WRITING MEETING_Transcript

Angela Okune 0:24 This is the core group, we may have one or two more people slip on. ... So this call, for context, is our second call after we decided that we're gonna write together and that we decided we're going to focus on the dissertation chapter. And that will hopefully turn into the...Read more

Tognetti (1999) article: Science in a double bind

Using and building on the conceptual ideas of Bateson, Tognetti (1999) pushes for post-normal science, which goes beyond the typical boundaries of science. Tognetti (1999) refers to this as a...Read more

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