Nation Article: "Do Health Ministry Figures on Covid-19 Really Add Up?"

This news article published in the Nation online highlighted questions that we have discussed amongst some members of the RDS group regarding the accuracy of the official COVID-19 statistics in the country. Most noticably, how can the number of new cases exceed that of the total cumulative cases...Read more

Two senior officials at Ardhi House test positive

WW: The continued spread of the Corona Virus is documented daily in Kenya's news media. In this article, the reliance on an anonymous source to expose the disease having infected individuals within a government ministry reveals how sensitivitely such information is treated. The same article...Read more

COVID-19 Recommendations from the People of Mathare

WW: I first saw the image circulated on a Whatsapp group then found the source on a page off the Mathare Social Justice Centre website. I have found the communication around COVID-19 in Kenya has tended to be one-way, usually central government to the people. But this is a citizen-generated...Read more

Covid-19 and Invisible Communities

This article was published by Tazama World Media, one among various emerging Kenyan-based digital publishers providing alternative sources of news. While mainstream media often focus on official/government authorities as central/primary sources of information in this COVID-19 era, alternative...Read more

Richie, Hannah. 2021. ‘Western Countries Prevented African Nations From Having Their Own Vaccine’. Vice News, 13 May 2021.

AO: Wangari shared this on our group whatsapp and I had also been shared it earlier; it appears to be circulating widely on Kenyan social media networks. I find it important to include as it highlights many of the broader structural and historical issues that have affected vaccine production and...Read more

Kihato, C. W., & Landau, L. B. (2020). Coercion or the social contract? COVID 19 and spatial (in)justice in African cities. City & Society, 32(1).

AO: Kihato and Landau discuss in this paper how the pandemic exposes and entrenches broader structural inequities especially in the urban African city. They argue that policy edicts like social distancing, hand washing, lock-downs, curfews and policing further entrench structural injustices.Read more

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