double bind

Tognetti (1999) article: Science in a double bind

Using and building on the conceptual ideas of Bateson, Tognetti (1999) pushes for post-normal science, which goes beyond the typical boundaries of science. Tognetti (1999) refers to this as a...Read more

"Open data for good governance": ossified funding regime but continued unmet need for mobilized citizenry

I mentioned, that despite a continued need articulated by Wambui, Hawi and Wangari earlier in the conversation for greater citizen engagement around data, it's ironic because ...Read more

Worry that data access does not lead to citizen activation/engagement

Kim asked the group: "What do you worry about related to open data in Kenya... Tell me a little bit about what would be a disappointing result, 10 years from now with open data...Read more

"Official" vs informal research (methods)

I was thinking about how generative this writing call ended up being and it has got me thinking on method. Formal data collection in Nairobi is often very rote in the vein of Bateson's proto-...Read more
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